University co-operatives all across Japan have four missions. They are: cooperation of un-dergraduates, postgraduates, international students and faculty; collaboration in the realiza-tion of university philosophies and goals; independence of organization; and participation of members.
Perhaps the service that is most often used by students is the co-op store. University co-ops not only offer bookstore and cafeteria services on a daily basis, but also assist with housing, mutual aid and ticket sales. A university co-op helps its members lead a better college life, but its members are also deeply involved in a university co-op’s operational activities.
Members themselves decide on the course of a university co-op in order to make it better serve its members. Foreign students also take an active role in co-op management. Universi-ty co-ops also provide a forum for exchange among its members. Through these activities, co-ops not only provide members with rich experience, but help make the university itself more attractive to students.


General Store

We provide a wide selection of stationery supplies, drawing materials, athletic wear, lab coats, electronic dictionaries, food and beverage products, and other items essential for campus life. Students and faculty members can also order products which are not available in the store. Please ask the co-op staff for details.

Co-op members can also use photocopy machines that are located near our stores.


With a co-op membership card, you can buy books, textbooks and magazine at a 10 percent discount. You can also order books (including foreign language books) through the co-op bookstore.


Healthy and balanced meals are offered at a low price. Various dishes can be enjoyed at the cafeteria, including set menu meals, daily specials, noodle dishes and curry rice.

Co-op cafeterias are based on a self-service system. Users use a tray to select the food that they want and pay at a checkout counter. They are given receipts with nutritional information printed on them.

Some co-ops provide meal coupons and meal cards that are purchased in advance, and regularly report student eating habits to parents and guardians.

Agency Services

Housing Service

We provide referrals for safe and secure housing to students who live away from family.

Ticketing Service

JR tickets, flight reservations (domestic and international), hotel bookings and various types of tours can be arranged through the co-op.

Student mutual Insurance

The mutual Insurance system based on members’ spirit of mutual support covers the life of students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The premiums are relatively lower than those for general insurance. For details of the system, please ask your co-op.

The Role of University Co-ops in Student Support in Japan and Student mutual Insur-ance(=KYOSAI)

Business scale is JPY 200 billion. (US$1.7 billion)
One of the businesses is Student Mutual Insurance.
Student Mutual Insurance (KYOSAI): JPY 8.6 billion (US$ 85 million)
About 70 million people have joined Student Mutual Insurance.
It is about half of all University Co-op members, and about 25 percent of the total number of students.
Up to here, we have spoken about the university co-op. Now let’s move on to discuss the Student Mutual Insurance.