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Help each other, Encourage each other 互いにたすけあい互いに励まし合う

A secured insurance system based on mutual insurance policies covering about 722,000 CO-OP members from 210 university co-operatives across Japan
(As of September 30,2017)


Notice !To those who will soon complete KYOSAI contract


Account transfer announcement has been delivered to the KYOSAI policyholder.


To those who will soon complete KYOSAI contract
Postcard the policyholder will receive near the end of KYOSAI contract

UNIV.CO-OP's KYOSAI is such a system


UNIV.CO-OP`s mutual insurance is designed to help students to help each other.
It is a insurance system for students.


Student mutual insurance is what you have institutionalized as mutual insurance among students .The insurance required for student life has been achieved with a small premium . Convenient and strong support for students.


Tanuro - the mascot for Student Comprehensive Mutual Insurance 学生総合共済のマスコットタヌロー

About US

Information for purchasing

We strongly recommend that students from overseas purchase the three types of insurance(Life Mutual Insurance, Mutual Insurance for Fire, and Personal Liability Insurance for Students),in order to sufficiently prepare for various risks while you are attending the university.


For English(2018 Edition)

For Chinese (2018 Edition)


Guidance to the subscriber

Foreign students to the mutual insurance subscribers of everyone

Certificate Life Mutual Insurance / Mutual Insurance for Fire ,Certificate Personal Liability Insurance for Students which was sent to the hand of to you, please refer to the PDF file for the contents.

留学生の共済・保険加入者の皆さんへ(For International Students) お手元にお送りした「加入証書」(Certificate Life Mutual Insurance/Mutual Insurance for Fire, Certificate Personal Liability Insurance for Students)の内容についてはPDFファイルをご参照ください。

*Certificate sent to you is very important for you. You must keep it in a safe place.


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Medical insurance (医療保険)

In Japan, a medical insurance system is available to lessen the burden on medical cost. Foreigners who will be staying in Japan for a period of more than 3 months have to subscribe to the “National Health Insurance”. Please register for the National Health Insurance at municipal offices in your nearest city/ward/town/village and pay the insurance premiums.
The insurance premium is paid monthly once registration is completed. The premium varies according to local councils and one’s income. However, in most cases, the premium is about JPY 20,000 per year.
Once registered with the National Health Insurance, you will only need to pay 30% of the total medical bill. When receiving treatment for injuries or illnesses, you must present your insurance card to be eligible for the discounted payment. Take note that any medical costs for treatments not covered by the insurance scheme must be paid in full at your own expense.