Personal Information Protection Policy


In order to earn the trust of member co-operatives, policyholders and parents benefactors, etc., the University Co-operatives Mutual Aid Federation (hereinafter referred to as “the Federation”), in addition to strict compliance with laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information, has developed an information management system based on this personal information protection policy, and strives to protect information and to manage it appropriately. The Federation handles personal information in accordance with the following principles, and also strives to manage the handling of information in an appropriate manner even in the event of exceptional circumstances that pose a threat to life or property. In addition, the Federation will appropriately review and improve measures relating to the handling and security of personal information.
The Federation strives to manage personal information in an appropriate way, even in exceptional circumstances where life or property may be threatened, in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Policy and Personal Information Protection Regulations.


I. Information management system

  1. In addition to the protection and management of personal information through the appointment of a personal information protection manager and personal information protection administrators, we strive to guard against the occurrence of any unforeseen incidents through regular internal inspection and audit.
  2. In addition to conducting education and training for executives and employees with regard to the protection of personal information, we will also respond in good faith to enquiries from individuals about their own personal information.


  1. 個人情報保護管理責任者および個人情報保護管理者を配置して個人情報を保護、管理するとともに、定期的に内部を点検、監査し、不測の事態が発生しないよう努めます。
  2. 個人情報の保護に関して役職員などの教育研修を行うとともに、個人情報に関するご本人からの問合せに誠意をもって対応します。

II. Acquisition of personal information

  1. The acquisition of personal information is conducted to the extent necessary to conduct business, and in a manner that is both lawful and fair, pursuant to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other pertinent laws and ordinances
  2. In order to carry out the work of soliciting subscriptions to mutual insurance and group insurance policies, etc., the Federation acquires personal information relating to member co-operatives’ members, policyholders and other related persons via application forms, notices, mutual insurance claims and questionnaires, or by the Federation’s website,etc.
  3. When acquiring personal information, the purposes of use shall be clearly stated and consent obtained for the use and provision of such information.
  4. Even in the event of acquiring someone’s personal information indirectly other than the person himself, the purposes of use shall be made clear by public notification or direct notification, and the individual’s consent obtained, except in the following circumstances.
    • (1) The individual has already planned, or given their consent to, the provision of their own information.
    • (2) The individual has made the information available to the general public.
  5. The personal information acquired will include names, addresses, dates of birth, gender, telephone numbers and other information necessary for the concluding of mutual insurance contracts and the payment of mutual insurance benefits, as well as information registered on the Federation’s website, etc.


  1. 個人情報の取得は、事業を行うために必要な範囲とし、個人情報保護に関する法令等に照らして適法かつ公正な手段によって行います。
  2. 当会では、共済事業、団体保険契約の加入勧誘ほかの業務を行うために、会員生協の組合員、契約者および関係者に関する個人情報を申込書、告知書、共済金請求書、アンケートおよび当会のホームページ等を通じて個人情報を取得します。
  3. 個人情報を取得する際は、利用目的を明示し、個人情報の利用・提供について同意をいただきます。
  4. ご本人以外から間接的に個人情報を取得する場合も、利用目的を公表または通知し、次の場合以外は原則としてご本人の同意をいただきます。
    • (1) あらかじめご本人が自己の個人情報の提供を予定し、あるいは同意している場合
    • (2) ご本人が不特定多数のものに公開している場合
  5. 取得する個人情報は、氏名、住所、生年月日、性別、電話番号、その他共済契約の締結や共済金の支払いに必要な情報、当会ホームページ等に登録された情報等となります。

III. Purposes of use of personal information

  1. Acquired Personal information shall be used for the following purposes as needed.
    • (1) Concluding and maintenance of mutual insurance policies, the payment of mutual insurance claims and the provision of various kinds of guidance and services. (The Federation may confirm the veracity of the content of subscription, declaration details and compensation claim details to physicians, etc., for the sound operation of the mutual insurance business.)
    • (2) In support of the mutual insurance of the lives of the members who make up the member co-operatives, and for the investigation, promotion and guidance of projects designed for lifestyle improvement and cultural betterment.
    • (3) Mutual insurance and insurance operations related to the Federation, surveys related to the operations and services of the co-operatives, information on events, etc.
  2. Personal information acquired which the Federation becomes a contractor in group insurance policies and so forth is used for the concluding and maintenance of policies, the payment of insurance claims and the provision of various kinds of guidance and services by the Federation, member co-operatives, affiliated companies, groups and the Federation’s designated agent, University Co-operatives Insurance Service.
  3. These purposes of use, the names of partner organizations and groups, the items of personal data that may be shared, as well as the names and titles of individuals responsible for the management of personal data, are displayed on the Federation’s website and elsewhere. This information is also clearly indicated on our application forms, pamphlets and questionnaire forms, etc. In the event of any changes to the purposes of use, details will be announced to individual policyholders, or via the Federation’s website and so forth.
  4. In the event of handling personal information to an extent in excess of what is necessary to achieve the purposes of use, the prior consent of the individual will be obtained with regard to the extended range of handling


  1. 取得した個人情報を、必要に応じ、以下の目的に利用させていただきます。
    • (1) 共済契約の締結、維持管理、共済金のお支払いおよび各種ご案内、サービスなどの提供
    • (2) 会員生協の構成員である組合員の生活の共済を図る事業、生活の改善および文化の向上を図る企画などについての調査、推進、ご案内など
    • (3) 当会が関係する共済・保険事業、生活協同組合の事業・サービスに関する調査、イベントのご案内など
  2. 当会が契約者となる団体保険契約などに関して取得した個人情報は、当会、会員生協、提携先企業・団体および当会の指定保険代理店である(株)大学生協保険サービスにおいて、契約の締結、維持管理、保険金のお支払いおよび各種ご案内、サービスの提供などのために共同利用します。
  3. これらの利用目的および提携先企業・団体、共同して利用する個人データの項目、個人データの管理について責任を有する者の氏名または名称は、 当会ホームページ等により公表いたします。また申込書、パンフレット、アンケート用紙等に明示します。利用目的を変更する場合には、その内容をご本人に通知、または当会のホームページ等により公表します。
  4. 利用目的の達成に必要な範囲を超えて個人情報を取扱う場合は、超える範囲についてあらかじめご本人の同意をいただきます。

IV. Provision of personal data to third parties

  1. Personal information that is retained by the Federation may be provided to the member co-operative of which the subscriber is a member and to the National Federation of University Co-operative Associations, for the sound operation of their businesses and the delivery of information on products and services.
  2. At the request of a member co-operative, and with the purpose of providing support to the subscriber’s life during their studies, information regarding the subscriber’s membership of student mutual insurance and group insurance, and payments of mutual insurance benefits and insurance money may be provided to the university in which the subscriber is enrolled, to the extent required for the university’s operations.
  3. Other than cases 1 and 2, above, and the following situations, the Federation will not provide personal information to any third party:
    • (1) where required by laws or regulations,
    • (2) with the consent of the individual,
    • (3) provision to a sub-contractor, to the extent required for the performance of the business of the Federation,
    • (4) the sharing of personal information in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.


  1. 保有する個人データについては、契約者がご加入の会員生協および全国大学生活協同組合連合会へ事業の健全な運営や、商品・サービスのご紹介などのために提供することがあります。
  2. 会員生協の要請にもとづいて、学生生活を支援することを目的に、大学の業務に必要な範囲で、所属の大学へ学生総合共済・団体保険契約への加入状況、共済金や保険金のお支払状況などを提供することがあります。
  3. 当会は、上記1、2、および次の場合を除き、個人データを第三者へ提供しません。
    • (1) 法令などによる場合
    • (2) ご本人の同意をいただいた場合
    • (3) 当会の業務執行上必要な範囲で、業務委託先に提供する場合
    • (3) 個人情報の保護に関する法律に従って個人データの共同利用を行う場合

V. Joint usage of personal data

  1. University Co-operatives Insurance Service and the member co-operative of the Federation may share acquired personal information for the purposes of carrying out mutual insurance operations and operations other than mutual insurance, and to provide information on products and services
  2. Items of personal data that may be shared, as well as the names and titles of individuals responsible for the management of personal data, are displayed on the Federation’s website and elsewhere.


  1. (株)大学生協保険サービスおよびご加入の会員生協とは、共済事業および共済事業以外の事業等の運営や商品、サービスのご案内・ご提供のため、取得した個人データを共同利用することがあります。
  2. 共同して利用する個人データの項目、個人データの管理について責任を有する者の氏名または名称については、当会ホームページ等により公表します。

VI. The outsourcing of the handling of personal data

The Federation may outsource the handling of personal data, to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use. In the event of outsourcing, we will conduct all necessary and appropriate supervision of the contractor(s), such as establishing criteria for the selection of contractors and the prior confirmation of their information management systems, etc., in order to ensure that personal data is managed securely.



VII. The handling of sensitive personal information

With regard to the handling of sensitive personal information, such as medical conditions and medical histories, in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and Article 177 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Consumer Cooperatives Act, the use of such information is restricted to the ensuring of the appropriate operation of business, such as to an extent necessary to conduct operations, and contingent upon the consent of the individual in question, and other cases that may be deemed necessary. The Federation will not gather, use or provide to third parties sensitive personal information for any other than these purposes of use.



VIII. Regarding the Release, Revision and Discontinuance of the Use of Retained Personal Data

  1. If you inquire about the release or revision of retained personal data regarding yourself, after confirming that the inquiry actually came from you we will respond to your inquiry as long as there is no particular reason why we should not, based on laws regarding the protection of personal information. Note, however, that the Federation cannot accede to any requests to delete personal data entered in application forms or relating to claims for mutual insurance benefits or the payment of mutual insurance benefits, except where required by law to delete data.
  2. Inquiry desk regarding the handling of personal data, including the release, revision and discontinuance of the use of retained personal data, is indicated below.

    Inquiry desk regarding personal information

    University Co-op Mutual Insurance and Insurance Support Line
    Toll free: 0120-335-770
    (Mondays to Fridays, 9:40 to 17:30, excluding public holidays and business holidays of the Federation)

University Co-operatives Mutual Aid Federation
Enacted by the board of directors on July 9, 2010
Revised by the board of directors on September 14, 2012
Revised by the board of directors on September 12, 2014
Revised by the board of directors on May 12, 2017
Revised by the board of directors on July 13, 2018
Revised by the board of directors on May 17, 2019
Revised by the board of directors on May 15, 2020


  1. 個人情報の保護に関する法律に基づき、ご自身に関する保有個人データの開示・訂正等のお申し出があった場合には、ご本人であることを確認させていただいた上で、特別の理由がない限り対応します。ただし、当会が法令上の消去義務を負う場合を除き、加入申込書への記載事項、共済金請求、共済金の支払いに関する個人データを消去する請求はお断りいたします。
  2. 保有個人データの開示、訂正、利用停止その他個人データの取扱いに関するお問合わせ窓口は、次のとおりです。


    電話(フリーダイヤル) 0120-335-770
    (祝日及び当会の休業日を除く月〜金 9:40〜17:30)


List of partner insurance companies, etc. that may share personal data

For details on the handling of personal information by member co-operatives, partner insurance companies and the Federation’s subsidiary, please refer to their individual websites.

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